Inspiration for shoot

Informed by the decadent 1970s, touches of old Hollywood glamour as well as modern quirk, our SDTC F/W ’11 shoot as all about unexpected combinations, textures, punches of colour, while keeping in mind a dreamy, faded femininity. The type of woman represented in this shoot is sensual, bold and unafraid. Her intensity is tempered by bits of fragility.  Pulling a selection of styles from the H&M fall/winter collection, 69 Vintage, Frou Frou Vintage, Chasse Gardee as well as Love of Mine, the goal was to combine vintage with new to show different ways to travel back to a gentler time while incorporating trends we love right now.

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Russian Hat, Frou Frou Vintage
Sweater, 69 Vintage, $60.00
Socks, American Apparel, $14.99
H&M Floral Skirt, $69.95

How it all came together

Somehow, I thought that I could carry all these bags. People had offered to help, but I shrugged it off with a soft, timid “I’m fine, no really, I’m fine.”–followed by a terse, “No really, I’m fine.”

Carrying armloads of shopping bags was something that I was accustomed to. However, I was unprepared for the amount of schlepping across the city that I was about to do. At about 6pm, I finished my last appointment at 69 Vintage.

“Where are you carrying all this stuff?” asked Kealan Sullivan, the owner, surprised that I didn’t crumble under the weight of all these shoes and clothes.

“The Mascot.”

Without the weight, I could have made it to the coffee shop in about ten minutes flat. With the weight…I wasn’t so sure.

“There is NO WAY that you can carry all of that,” Kealan said, “Give her a drive.”


In about mid June, I told Jen I wanted to do a photoshoot. After attending the media preview for the H&M Fall Winter collection, I had an idea. Soft shapes, winter florals, and visions of 70’s glam wafted through my head. It was half baked at best, there was a mood–an unnameable energy that I wanted to capture, and on top of it all, I really wanted to use that gauzy aquamarine coloured top.

I knew already that I wanted to use my friend Elle, because she had precisely the type of face I had in mind. But location was a tough one. One afternoon, after a ton of errands I wandered into The Mascot–one of the coolest coffee shops in Parkdale. Immediately, I knew I wanted to shoot there. Hardwood floors, a gigantic tiger rug–and on top of that, the most amazing washroom ever…it was the perfect indoor location for my shoot.

The hardest part was finding a photographer. I’d vaguely heard of Petra Collins, but I dug her work. I knew I wanted to do the shoot almost exclusively on film, so it was a perfect match.

Coordinating was fairly easy; with Jen’s help, I shot emails, texts and phone calls back and forth–and it was much less intimidating than I thought it would be.To find hair and makeup, I called Complections, a makeup school based in Toronto, and within minutes, my inbox was flooded with responses.

 Photoshoots are always hectic, and things never turn out the way you plan. Being my biggest photoshoot to date, I was petrified that I couldn’t do it–but, in retrospect…it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be.

Really, the hardest part was carrying all that stuff around.

~ Natasha Hunt

The Amazing Team

We loved the results of our glamourous 70s inspired photoshoot. However, none of it could have been made possible without the contributions of four super talented ladies. Ranging from 18-27, these are young, creative women that should definitely be on your radar.

Elle Bulger: Elle Bulger is a 20 year old model from Toronto, ON. An alumni of the University of King’s College (Halifax), she begins her business degree at Richard Ivey (Western) this fall. She enjoys yoga, has done highland dancing (just like Coco Rocha) and has designed a line of jewelry. She is currently represented by Push Creative Management (Toronto), as well as City Models (Halifax).

Nina Farrauto: Nina Farrauto is a 27 year old hair and makeup artist from Toronto, ON. She didn’t grow hair until she was four, however has some of the most massive lashes ever. She is a graduate of Complections International Academy of Make-up Artistry. Nina has participated in photoshoots for PLAID Magazine, as well as VIVE Magazine. She finds inspiration in historical figures, films as well as what she sees in her day to day life.

Cassandra Jones: Cassandra Jones is a 22 year old makeup artist from Toronto, ON. She has a speckled daschund named Charlie, and her favourite holiday is Halloween. She gains inspiration from her experiences She initially started out in a Criminology degree, but then realized her passion for makeup, and trained at Complections International Academy of Make-up Artistry. She has been working professionally for a year.

Petra Collins: Petra Collins is an 18 year old photographer from Toronto, ON. She has been working for three years. Her favourite fashion moment was a young Jody Foster in Taxi Driver, as well as the entire female cast of Twin Peaks. She gets inspiration from a myriad of sources, and considers her personal style to be “all over the place”. She is currently the editor of the all female photography collective, The Ardorous.

Natasha Hunt: Natasha Hunt is a 20 year old, self proclaimed “fashion sherpa” from Toronto, ON. She currently studies contemporary philosophy and Journalism at the University of King’s College (Halifax), and has written for She Does The City, as well as worked on VIVE Magazine. She derives inspiration from eccentric socialites, riot grrls, and famous royal mistresses. She has a cat named Luna, and always has some sort of project up her sleeve.

Thanks again to H&M, 69 Vintage, Chasse Gardee, Love of Mine and Frou Frou Vintage for letting us making this happen! If we could only shop at your stores, we’d be quite content. And thank you to The Mascot for letting us take over your beautiful coffee shop for a late night shoot. Everyone go drink coffee there!

69 Vintage is located at 1100 Queen St. West

Love of Mine is located at 781 Queen St. West

Frou Frou Vintage is located at 1616 Queen St. West

Chasse Gardee is located at 1084 Queen St. West

The Mascot is located at 1267 Queen St. West