Not even a snow blizzard could dissuade partygoers from attending the dark and sexy Grey Goose Cherry Noir launch event at The Thompson. There was a lot of burgundy lipstick and model types dressed like  naughty celestial monks. (Is that a thing now?) The cloaked babes reminded us of Christian Slater in The Name Of The Rose but unlike him, they weren’t on a mission to have sex with a peasant girl. Instead, they were there to distribute fake diamonds to guests as a means of currency for vodka.

It has been five years since Grey Goose launched a new flavour and glossy guests were invited to explore: After Dark, The Tale of Cherry Noir. Sounds like an erotic fantasy and perhaps the night became that for some but for us it was mostly being pushed around a crowded bar. Stacey McKenzie worked the room (and camera, see below) as did Toronto notables like Jaclyn Genovese of JacFlash, CBC’s Lauren O’Nizzle, blogger Casie Stewart and the usual media brat pack.

All were kept warm on cold winter night and although the scene was far too rowdy to explore a new world properly, we were quite content sipping Grey Goose Cherry Noir vodka before our magical snowy walk home.

Photos by Becca Lemire