If we’re lucky, we have at least one person in our life who represents nurturing and love. On May 6, treat your mother (or whomever embodies that role in your life) to a very special brunch.

Presented by Dawa Apothecary, the Mother’s Day Speed Date Brunch will be a warm celebration of nurturing and community. Bring and treat someone who represents mothering and nurtures your spirit. The event is designed to inspire conversation and the art of getting to know another mother.

“As each pair arrives, we will assign a new partner to dine with,” explains Dawa founder Sulafa Silim. “Each table will feature conversation starters that each person will ask the person across them to set the scene and move past small talk to a conversation with deep inquiry.”

“The idea came about from the need to replicate time with my mother who lives abroad,” she adds. “I realized that often I would have similar mother-like relationships with older women whom I would see more as complete people vs just “mom.” There was a story, a history and a complexity that I took away from my mother. I use the term ‘mother’ loosely as I know there are complexities related to that word but rather focus on the word ‘nurture.’ I wanted to offer an opportunities for other people to have intergenerational conversations surrounded by food and comfort.”

Mother’s Day Speed Date Brunch comes to Drake Commissary (128A Sterling Road) on May 6. Get your tickets here.