DAY 10: Trinidad, CA to Albany, OR, 323 miles

Watching the waves after breakfast in Trinidad, CA

Big trees, big hikes, crazy broccoli. 

When you google image ‘crazy broccoli’, you will be lead in the right direction. If you wake up outside a gas station, you will immediately need eggs benedict. We drive to Trinidad to obtain said eggs, stopping after breakfast to stare at the crazy Northern California coastline. We wind our way through tiny towns up towards Redwood National Park ( The redwoods are a giant, breathing, silent forest, and nothing will make you feel smaller or more vital than tramping around in them for a day. We sit on a giant log and eat dark chocolate with blueberries. We hike and hike and hike some more, over bridges and up hills, past mushroom villages and through fast-moving rivers, all under thick grey clouds and lazy rain. At the end of the day, we collapse on a soaking-wet bench to eat a hippie feast-aforementioned Romanesco broccoli and manna bread with brie, almond butter, and hummus. All that’s ahead of us is a long drive to Oregon, the friendliest place on earth (if you’re okay with the occasional hunting rifle.) We end our night skating across the icy parking lot of a Motel 6, drinking craft beer and eating taco bell, watching Young Frankenstein. You could do worse. 



Redwood National Park

Paul meets the trees

Little Jo, Big Trees

Redwood National Park

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