Dear Sunday Drivers: Strap in for the long weekend. Three leisurely, lazy days stretch out before you, full of possibility. So gas up the car, pump those bike tires, polish your Metropass to a shiny sheen, and dedicate this long weekend to finally having that one Toronto experience you just never quite have time for. 

Such Great Heights
AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH! Get vertical this weekend. There is nothing quite so satisfying as chalking up your hands, doing some stretches, strapping yourself into a harness and scaling a concrete wall. Bonus: You get to wear a leotard. Hoist your bo-day up the wall for a sense of extreme satisfaction and accomplishment, plus a rush of endorphins. Rock climbing improves co-ordination, motor-skills, and flexibility. It’s the kind of workout you try once and are addicted to forever. Pick your most trusted friend, take a belaying lesson, and get climbing!

Darjeeling Unlimited
It’s strange how many people don’t know that Toronto is home to the largest South Asian bazaar in North America. Mouthwatering food, gorgeous handicrafts, unique finds, and of course-brow threading from serious experts, await you on Gerrard. Take a stroll around the market and come home with unexpected treasures galore, or get ambitious, and select a great Indian food recipe to conquer. Pick up all the supplies here, and invite a few friends over for an exotic South Asian feast. 

Age of Aquarius
Women who come back from Body Blitz are like fanatics who see Mary’s face in the tortilla-their eyes are wide with zealous wonder. This extremely relaxing and luxurious spa is pure heaven. They’ve taken ancient restorative water practices and combined them with modern comfort to create an experience you’ll never forget. Immerse yourself in a Dead Sea Salt pool, hot green tea pool, aromatherapy sauna, cold plunging pool (INVIGORATING!), and infrared sauna. With scrubs, muds, and treatments for the hair, face, and body, and a stress free no waiting, no tipping policy, Body Blitz has perfected the art of unwinding in style. Women only, clothing optional.  

Bicycle Built For 2 (or 4) 
Take to the high seas (err…Lake Ontario), and ride the ferry over to the island for a truly lovely picnic adventure. Rent a bicycle or quadricycle, pack a french loaf, brie, goat’s cheese, grapes, and a bottle of wine or lemonade, bring a blanket, and spread out in your favourite spot. We love Snake Island at sunset, with a breathtaking view of the downtown skyline. Heck, go to the naked beach and have a topless picnic. The ferry over to Ward’s Island is usually less crowded, and provides optimal strolling time-walk from one end of the island to the other, breaking for a picnic in between, and take the ferry home from Centre Island. 

Dining In The Dark
Take the sexy, sensory experience of a good meal to the next level at O.Noir. The restaurant is bathed in complete darkness, and the waitstaff are blind. Inspired by a blind pastor in Zurich who used to blindfold his dining companions so they could appreciate food the way he did, a night at O.Noir will enhance your appreciation for food, give you some insight into the experience of someone who is sight-impaired, and create a seriously sexy appetizer to any evening. We’ve heard a few tales of couples starting the foreplay early. 

Early Bird, Early Bagel
Everyone knows that Gryfe’s Bagels (3421 Bathurst St.) are the best in T.O., but because the bakery is up in North York, sampling them fresh out of the oven is akin to a Great White Buffalo. So here’s a proposal for you. Wake up at the crack of dawn (Gryfe’s opens at 5:30 am), ride your bike along the empty streets past Bathurst and Lawrence, then wake up your roommates with a bag full of fresh bagels. Pick up some cream cheese and coffee, and they’ll owe you dishes for a month. You can also try one of What A Bagel’s many locations, they’re light chive or dill cream cheese is delicious, and unlike Gryfe’s, they’re open on Monday. Plus if its your birthday you get a free dozen bagels. Score!