Degrassi St. Does L.A.

Welcome to Graduation: Degrassi is leaving Degrassi St. and heading west to take on Hollywood. In what appears to be a whirlwind of slapping, graphic print dresses, falling over, and High School Musical-esque dream sequences, the little show that could is branching out beyond its humble Canadian roots, and instead of running into me drunk on my bicycle at two in the morning outside Sneaky Dee’s, the cast of Degrassi will be rubbing elbows with Perez Hilton by the pool. The question is, will Degrassi’s after-school-special brand of real-life drama translate to La La Land? Or will it lose it’s home-grown charm when it’s American network tries to make it all shiny? We’re not sure adolescent identity crises will be as entertaining without the trademark 416 name-dropping, but who are we kidding…we’re still pretty excited. Will they all crash at Shenae Grimes’ pad? Will Kevin Smith make an appearance? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Watch the trailer here:

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