By Tyler Yank
Holy cow, I love South Africa! First, it plays host to the FIFA World Cup, and extremely attractive men run around playing soccer on my television screen for a month. Now, Die Antwoord, one of the strangest musical ensembles I’ve ever come across, is coming to Montreal this week.

Afrikaans for ‘The Answer’, Die Antwoord is essentially a rap group consisting of three members (all of whom hail from South Africa). Their music is danceable and modern; lyrics are in English and Afrikaans. All my hipster friends were obviously talking about this group during the winter, and two months ago I finally caught on and checked out the Die Antwoord website for myself. Let me just say, what a website it is. All Die Antwoord tunes are available for free on their site, along with a gallery of images that will actually glue you to your chair and have you questioning your sanity (or, their sanity). The whole thing is like a David Lynch film: I can’t describe or understand what’s happening, mainly because I don’t feel cool enough to describe or understand what’s happening. So, I bought a ticket to the up-coming Die Antwoord show in Montreal, because that’s all that made sense at the time. I’m going to wear watermelon pink skinny jeans and hope for the best. You might want to join me.

I double dare you.

Die Antwoord (and Sleigh Bells) at Le National, Wednesday July 21, 2010 at 8:30pm.

Tickets are 28$ (taxes included) online, and going fast.