by Heidi Craig
Local writer-director-actor Xavier Dolan, the 21-year-old behind last year’s international hit J’ai Tué Ma Mère, is cranking out screenplays with astonishing, enviable speed. After putting Laurence Anyways on ice (the movie is too expensive to produce at the moment), while on the train to Toronto (to accept an award for J’ai Tué, naturally), he banged out a script about a messy love triangle: Les Amours Imaginaires. The dramatic comedy’s snappy dialogue and stylish visuals caused a stir at its Cannes premiere last month, and is now playing in Montreal.

The story features two guys (Francis and Nicolas) and one girl (Marie) who set out on road trip across the southwestern US. As might be expected, two of the road trippers become infatuated with the third. The twist? Marie and Francis’s affections are both directed at Nicolas. Sexy hilarity ensues.

Les Amours Imaginaires is in theatres now.