With only a couple years of no longer believing in Santa under her belt, this fresh-faced, teenage ingénue has all the cool of a savvy older sister, with the bright-eyed innocence of your kid sister. Rolling with some major Hollywood players has given young Elle a sophisticated joie-de-vivre, so her stocking would certainly have to be an eclectic mix of artsy treats.

1. Polaroid Instant Camera 
To capture all those coming-of-age moments.
$90 @ polaroid.com

2. Philosophy Lip Shine Gift Set 
A gal can never have enough shine.
$20 @ sephora.com

3. Alexa Chung for Madewell Patrice Top 
Alexa is Elle’s greatest fashion influence.
$155 @ madewell.com

4. Marc Jacobs iPad Case 
Elle’s fave colour is pink! And she and sister Dakota have recently been the fresh faces of Marc Jacobs’ ad campaigns.
$73 @ shopbop.com

5. Ice Skates 
Training hard for her role in Somewhere, Elle took to ice skating.
$100 – $300 @ The Figure Skating Boutique, 6174 Yonge St.Toronto

6.The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe 
Elle dies for Marilyn.
$20 @ Indigo.ca

7. Mini Karaoke Machine 
This multi-talented song bird just loves to belt it out.
$60 @ Future Shop

8. glow and behold celestial citrus shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath and body lotion 
The citrus zest will keep Elle fresh, clean, and always smelling delightful.
$21.00 available exclusively at the bay

9. Tom Ford Reading Glasses
Requiring glasses from a young age, Elle loves to play around with different bold styles.
approx $400 @ World Eyewear, 126 Cumberland St. Toronto

10. Moleskin Notebook 
A vibrant-hued Moleskin for all those deep ideas and inspired doodles between takes.
$7.95 @ Indigo.ca

~ Ali Maldoff