Where do you live: I live just outside of Kensington Market in Toronto, in an old apartment that gets horrendously sweaty in the summer with a lovely half-Japanese roommate.
What do you do: Journalism student at Ryerson, currently interning at FASHION Magazine. Am hoping to resume my regular post at SDTC as fashion writer once this internship ends…If they’ll have me, that is.
Favourite places to shop: Anthropologie, I’m a slave to their faux boho. Other than that, I frequent sale racks. I’ve stopped vintage/thrift shopping because I haven’t the patience for it.
Music: Edith Piaf, Deerhunter, Ratatat, Francoise Hardy, Mother Mother
Perfect Friday Night: Outdoor predrinks of Pimms cups and a raging motown dance party. Cuddling afterwards.
Secret style weapon: My black bowler hat…
Where did you get it: At Lavish & Squalor.
Why do you love it?: Because I looked fantastic in it. It made me look like I was from four different decades at once.
If you lost it you would: I already did, somewhere at the Chicago airport. I lost my red glasses in Chicago too, my half-Japanese roommate says I’ll probably end up in Chicago because I keep losing my personality pieces there. I’ve just ordered a new pair of reddish glasses from Spectacle, so hopefully those will help elevate me from my current secret-weapon-less existence. Anyways, to answer the question, I’ll have to live the rest of my life guiltily knowing I didn’t call lost & found in time.
Website: I’ll give you my twitter, it’s @ellistuhler. Follow me. Please.