Where you live: London, UK

What you do: I’m a second year Geography student at Loughborough (That’s “lufbra” for all you non-Brits out there!)

Favourite places to shop: Topshop, Topshop, Topshop and, oh, more Topshop… with a little bit of FCUK and Urban Outfitters thrown in for good measure.

Music you can’t stop listening to:Cheryl Cole- Fight for this love/ Chipmunk-Oopsy Daisy/ Guns ‘n’ Roses- Sweet Child O’ Mine

Perfect Friday night: Bottle of rosé, killer heels, cute dress, banging tunes, great friends and then off to hit the best club in town and a few more drinks added to the list.

What is your secret style weapon? Killer heels and Jeggings (together or separately, depends on the occasion)

Where did you get them? Topshop…of course!

Why do you love them? They’re not the rigid, rubbing, loose-my-shape-within-half-an-hour-of-wearing-them denim we all loved so very much and they’re not the standard black leggings…oh no. These ladies are the super hot, super skinny, dress-down-with-flats-and-dress-up-with-heels. These are Jeggings. And they will change your wardrobe and your life. Killer heels, really now, do I need to say anymore…

If you lost them, you would…: Be naked and ridiculously short until I could afford more.