Richard Gere, Diane Kruger, and Suzanne Clément star in the upcoming drama Longing, and we’re excited to present the worldwide premiere of a new clip from this captivating film.

Award-winning actor and humanitarian Richard Gere stars as Daniel Bloch, a wealthy New York bachelor who makes a shocking discovery that changes his life forever. 

After a call from his ex-girlfriend (Suzanne Clément), Daniel learns that she gave birth to his son, Allen, after they split up 20 years ago. That’s not all—two weeks ago, Allen died in a tragic car crash. 

Reeling from this new information, and a heavy feeling of loss, Daniel travels to Canada, where Allen lived, to learn more about the person he was. He meets his friend, girlfriend, and teacher Alice (Diane Kruger), and visits the grave of the son he never knew. 

But, as the trailer reveals, “Nothing is what it seems”…and as some truths about Allen and Alice’s relationship are revealed, Daniel grapples with grief and all the afflictions that come with being a parent.

In a written statement, director Savi Gabizon describes the film as “an attempt at examining parenthood”, inspired by his own soul-searching post-divorce. 

“I asked myself what kind of a father I’d been so far, and what kind of a father I was about to turn into. It was out of this state of mind that the idea for the screenplay for Longing was born.”

He adds that while the film tells “an unusual story”, blurring some elements of fantasy and reality, the emotional component is still central to the film.

“I’ve always wanted to create a film which is comprised of absurd situations, because they allow access to deep emotions without falling into the trap of sentimentality and cliché,” Gabizon says. 

Watch a new clip from Longing below:

Longing is in theatres on Friday, June 7.