by Caitlyn Holroyd
We like a fashion scandal – because more often than not it’s full of vacuous melodrama by bitchy industry folk and the latest involving little Tavi Gevinson, the thirteen year-old blogger from the Chicago burbs – is no exception.

It all began with a furious tweet by an editor from UK’s Grazia magazine during recent haute couture shows in Paris. Apparently, she was pissed by Tavi’s signature oversized bow blocking her view – and even WORSE, she had been demoted to the second row in favour of the tween. In a world where row number one is the only worthy seating, this ignited a fury amongst fashion’s elite.

Here’s why we are on team Tavi:

1. Front row editors are annoying so we take pleasure when enormous hairpieces block their view
2. She’s thirteen, and that’s just plain cute
3. She makes mismatching look incredibly cool
4. Her views on fashion are whimsical and refreshing compared to the stale crap we’re so used to reading
5. No one pulls off pastel-coloured hair quite like she does

While industry folk continue to complain over a kid chasing her dream, Tavi assumed her position in the front row this past week in New York. We hope sooner than later Kelly Cutrone will hire her as an intern, ‘cause that would be fashion drama at its very best.

Check out her blog: