Fat Girl Food Squad’s June 1st Plus Size Vintage Pop Up is a GREAT IDEA and We’re Excited

If there’s one thing we love at SDTC, it’s a good, solid idea. Okay, if there’s one thing we love it’s cheese, but next to that, great ideas rank very high. Maybe don’t make us choose just one thing, okay? Who are you, the love-police?? We’re getting off track.

When we heard about Fat Girl Food Squad & Friends’ Pop Up Plus Size Vintage Sale, we had a Good Idea Inter-Office Applause Break. It’s such a good idea! If you’re not plus size, let us fill you in: it can be real hard to find nice vintage, and clothing swaps are a bit rough. You can shop online for vintage and secondhand goods, but that’s as much a gamble for a plus size lady as it is for anyone else, or you can peruse a few sad offerings on a back rack of a vintage boutique. Kind of grim.

Snacks and drinks from Sneaks and Phillip’s Ice Pops, while Fat Girl Food Squad have confirmed that Ursa Major will be selling an array of vintage threads and jewelery! What’s NOT to love?


  1. FatGrlFoodSquad
    May 21, 2014

    shedoesthecity Thanks so much! We’re excited too 🙂

  2. amapod
    May 21, 2014

    shedoesthecity FatGrlFoodSquad – Thanks for the shout-outs rad peeps! We have more announcements coming soon. xo

  3. June 14, 2014

    That’s so cool!!!

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