At a time where reproductive rights are being challenged across North America, it is more important than ever that we we uphold women’s choice–particularly if that choice is to not have children.

Women who make the decision to not have children are often viewed with suspicion, pitied or called selfish. A film screening tomorrow night, To Kid or Not To Kid, takes apart these entrenched prejudices and asks the bigger question: what does it mean to live in a society where we truly respect a woman’s right to choose?

In To Kid Or Not To Kid, filmmaker Maxine Trump turns the camera on herself and her close circle of family and friends as she confronts the idea of not having kids. While exploring the cultural pressures and harsh criticism childfree women regularly experience, as well as the personal impact this decision may have on her own relationship, Maxine meets other women reckoning with their choice.

There’s a special VIP screening of the film tomorrow night (Nov. 28) at Innis Town Hall, followed by a panel discussion featuring award-winning director Maxine Trump along with special guests Laura Carroll (The Baby Matrix) and Chelsey Wren (Childfree is Not a Dirty Word).

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