Whether you’re with your family, friends, or strangers for Thanksgiving, chances are someone’s invited you over and plans to stuff your face with food. You better have a good way to say thank you. Whether it’s your significant other’s parents, a close friend, or even your mum (WOMAN DESERVES A BOUQUET, AMIRITE?) here are some fresh ideas for host and hostess gifts from the crafty world of the internet.

1. A Hand-Tied Bouquet
On Design Sponge, a How-To on creating a bouquet that gets a million points for rustic charm and creativity, and comes with a more permanent token. This is a great pick for your boy- or girlfriend’s mum, your culinary pal, or relatives.

2. Tomato-Basil Jam
We love the idea of bringing a preserve as a gift. Aside from being scrummy and delicious, they’ll appreciate the thought that goes into it and think of you every time they eat it. Hooray!

3. Modular Felt Trivet
These are a great thank you for friends, and it’s ALWAYS a relief to have an extra something to protect the table surface from hot dishes.

4. Handmade Tags
Design Sponge suggests gifting these as luggage tags, but we love the idea of slinging them over the neck of a bottle or wine or fine olive oil as a unique commemorative thank you. They can slide the card out and use the tag for their own purposes afterwards!

5. Hot Sauce
Infuse vinegar with a variety of delicious spicy items to create a unique hostess gift that looks like way more work than it was.

~ Haley Cullingham