Photos taken from Style Quotient: A Vancouver based street style fashion blog we love.

Let’s be honest, and all agree, that we have a small wish to be photographed by a fashion blogger. Vancouver often gets that tired reputation of being a hub for granola-Gore-Tex mountain climbing hippies and hell yeah we’re outdoorsy! But we don’t do everything in MEC, and we have proof! Five Vancouver style blogs that you might want to dress for.

Style Quotient by Paul Melo
This guy photographs all the beautiful individuals that colour this city. You can often see that his photos are taken on Granville or Yaletown, but the subject matter are never a let down as he has a gift of capturing some sort of authenticity behind the clothes and into the person’s soul. Wow, that was deep. Also if he snaps your photo, appreciate the soft blur he often applies.

The Haute Pursuit by Vanessa Hong
I’ve been following this girl for awhile and she is like the Rumi Neely of Vancouver, at least style-wise. Her blog is a go-to for chic downtown dressing and can be a walking billboard for Aritzia (isn’t every girl in Vancouver? It is sort of sad we all kind of look alike) and Jeffrey Campbell. She is set to leave Vancouver for the shores of Hong Kong, get her while she’s with us.

DemiCouture by Victoria Potter
Victoria tends to have great commentary and puts a lot of Photoshop-effort into making images for her posts (versus me who just screen caps whatever floats her boat). Her style is a little more dark, a little bit more punk, and very much up to the minute.

Little Fashionisto by Mckenneth
Hands down one of the best men’s personal style fashion blogs in Vancouver, if not Canada. This guy is uber tiny too, so I’m sure you can identify a shared struggle of finding the right size with him.

The Style Spy
Now this isn’t so much a reason to dress up, but more of a way to find out which stores are having what sale and product trials and stories on where to get the best pair of paperbag shorts. Based in Vancouver, The Style Spy is backed by a team of bloggers who cover events and trends all over the city.

~ Aimee Laurel