Anna Dello Russo, editor-at-large for VOGUE Japan, brings the party wherever she goes. Dramatic, insane and theatrical are a few words that spring to mind when describing her bold, nay, bizarre sense of fashion. Her collection for H&M is not what we’d label as sensible but it sure as hell is FUN.

Do you remember being a little girl in the basement playing dress up? You’d wander around wearing your mom’s old wedding dress, dripping with jewelery,  turban on head, with gold purse and mix-matched socks? Maybe you were a sorceress lost in Narnia or a fashion gypsy who could see into the future? Totally uninhibited and layering on scarves and coats until you felt like you had completely transcended reality and escaped into your own make-believe world? That’s how we felt last night as we pranced around H&M on Bloor, opening up turquoise boxes that revealed magic snake necklaces, chain-link sunglasses, gold pumps and zebra cuffs. This is what we call “character dressing.” Adding fantasy to the boardroom or channeling your inner animal spirit for late night spy missions.

Hosted by FLARE Magazine, the scene was a mix of writers, glamazon PR ladies, women with purse-size Pomeranians and local bloggers who stormed the shelves for pretend gold like they had finally reached the Klondike. Also in attendance were local designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong of Greta Constantine and Ela Kowalewska and Martin Aldorsson, the gorgeous and seriously talented couple behind ela handbags; a Canadian company with Swedish roots.

After indulging in far too many gold dusted blue macarons, we exited Bloor Street with our bright turquoise, gold trimmed, wheely suitcase in tow. What will we put in it? Candy and feathers.

Collection is on sale now and you can view all the pieces here.

In Toronto, Anna Dello Russo statement pieces, bling-bling and hat-drama can be found at H&M Toronto Eaton Centre, H&M Bloor Street and H&M at Yorkdale Mall.

Have fun playing dress up!

~ Jen McNeely

Photos by Becca Lemire (Click to Enlarge)