This week in the K-Y Intimacy Experiment, John and Tammy go the Yorkville Club to role-play that they are strangers, meeting for the first time. For a couple that has been together since high school, John does a terrific job at checking out Tammy’s ass and likewise she knows just how to talk up the buff ‘stranger’. See for yourself in the video above.

So how easy is it for you to rekindle that initial spark? Remember when you couldn’t wait to get a phone call from him? Or – you’d gush to your girlfriends about how he opened a door? It was all so exciting – and now you drink tea and talk about income tax. Blech.

Role-playing your first encounter is a way to evoke those initial sparks and feelings from when you first met, but you can also achieve this through simple flirting throughout a normal workweek. 

Flirting 101
– A simple wink can go a long way
– Random ass slap… I love it when Nick grabs my bum while going up on an escalator
– Sitting close or holding hands at a party (we aren’t talking about excessive PDA – public displays of affection – but just nice touches that make your significant other feel great about themselves) 
– SEXTING!! Send a naughty sex text… it’s almost more fun when you are sitting right across from one another. I’m going to send one riiiiight now. 
– Teasing…. you were so good at this back in grade school – bring the fun back! 
– Little touches while you make a meal together or playing with each other’s legs while in the back of a cab.
– Occasionally, while walking the dog late at night – I’ll give Nick a little peep show on the way home…. if no one is around that is. 
– Affectionate nick names….my stand-by is “Babe”, it’s hotter than “Boo”. 
– Men love spontaneous ball grabbing. I’ve actually had complaints from past lovers that I didn’t do this enough. So now, when we do the dishes or monotonous chores like laundry, I try to squeeze in a quick grab. 

Of course, you don’t have to be this overt – a simple “I can’t wait to see you!” or “I miss you! xo” can also make such a difference – and is way better than “WHERE ARE YOU?”