If my knitted beanie had a brim, I’d tip my hat to Kraeger, Hianta, Pharrell and co. I’m not speaking of the Parisian version of Romper Room, but I’d have to say this ‘blog de musique’ might be just as fun (if not more). If we replace the notorious ‘mirror game’ with a perpetual self-esteem burning array of hot hipster girl pics, complimented with grimey rap or synthy electro tunes then we’ve got ourselves a definite site to hang on to. This hodge-podge of music, French lit and photography is pretty much the best thing since Pinot Noir in a tetra pack. Although one might wonder, how such a blog would appeal to me despite the obvious language barrier, I can’t deny that dancing round the room to the latest Chromeo remix whilst pretending to be a hot girl from ‘Last Nights Party’ is an obvious perk. I’ve experimented with ‘google translate,’ but it interferes with the solo dance party and doesn’t get the terminology just right. Needless to say, I wish that I had paid more attention to Madame Isenberg in French class.



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