December 10th is fast approaching, and you know what that means: It’s time for the Foodie Pages Holiday Pop Up. Shedoesthecity is proud to return as a media sponsor, not only because we LOVE connecting with small batch food makers, but also because this holiday market is the perfect place to scoop up yummy stocking stuffers, or treats to dish out at family get-togethers and holiday parties. (We like to eat it all too.)

If you’ve been following along with us in the last week, you’ve read our exposés on some of the incredible vendors at Foodie Pages. For this installment, we spoke with Brittany Charlton, the founder of Ohh Products, a company that specializes in flavoured cocoa for individuals with dietary restrictions (i.e., dairy, gelatin, soy and sugar free). Ohh Products’ vision is simple: Products for all!

Tell us how your company was born.

Ohh Products was born when I realized products were lacking for individuals that have a dietary restriction. I am lactose intolerant and I love hot chocolate. I would always have to choose between having what my friends were having and face the consequences, having something that was not as great or having nothing at all.

That is when I decided to create my own hot chocolate that was also healthy. There are many dietary restrictions in the world and we believe you should not have to feel different from your peers.

What do you love most about food?

I love the way a dish could be made a completely different way in another culture and taste just as great.

What would make a great holiday gift from your company?

A great gift would be our cocoa stocking stuffers! Not only are you giving someone a great treat, but you are also giving someone the gift of something healthy.


What is your secret ingredient?

Cocoa! A lot of companies use sugar and unnecessary ingredients. We believe keeping it simple and nutritious is the best way to go.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love that I am creating products for individuals just like myself. I also love the fact that we are creating items that are great for your health.

What philosophy has been steering your life lately?

“It’s not about hard work, it’s about working hard,” and “Talk is cheap, execution sets you apart.”
These two quotes keep me motivated every day!

What holiday tradition are you looking forward to most this year?

Waking up on Christmas morning with my family and eating amazing traditional food that I don’t typically eat all year long. Bonding over amazing food is always an amazing time.

What makes a memorable meal?

A meal becomes memorable when it has a story behind it.

Check out more from Ohh Products on Instagram. The Foodie Pages Holiday Pop Up takes place December 10 at 301 Adelaide Street West. For more info, go here.