How do you get kids interested in politics? Start ’em young, and show them how they can make an impact. This month, a new political leadership program will introduce girls ages 9 to 15 to international politics and the work of the UN. 

Camp United Nations for Girls (a Girls in Politics Initiative) begins with a lesson on the history of the United Nations and its purpose and is followed by an explanation of the structure, leadership and the rules of procedure of the United Nations. Each kid will be assigned a country, guided through researching her country and solving geopolitical challenges in regional work groups. When the General Assembly convenes, delegates will give speeches, negotiate with other delegates, caucus and propose resolutions along with amendments before finally voting. 

If you’ve got a burgeoning politico on your hands, sign her up for Camp United Nations for Girls. Runs on October 27 at Courtyard Marriott (475 Yonge St.) Register here