Fall is making it’s way to Toronto, but summer isn’t over yet. Before August ends, be sure to hit up some sweet and nostalgic (or brand-spankin’-new) Toronto summer events.

1. The Exhibition
Catch a free show and indulge in some super fatty deep fried Mars bars or better yet a Krispy Kreme cheeseburger (Yes, doughnuts and meat). Forget your diet at the CNE, you can’t get deep-fried butter anywhere else. (Aug 19-Sept 5)

2. The CN Tower Edgewalk
If you haven’t heard about it yet, and you were wondering what the spiky thing was, the CN tower has opened their newest attraction: Edge Walk. For $175 per person, you can literally walk around the edge of the CN tower. You can’t be 1,168 ft high anywhere else.

3. Scotiabank BuskerFest
On until August 28th, enjoy a colourful day of circus acts and clowns right here on the streets of Toronto. Not only is it free, but BuskerFest is a proud supporter of Epilepsy Toronto. The St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood will be a beautiful splash of stunts and colours. (Aug. 25-28)

4. Fan Expo
If you’ve got that secret nerd inside with a love for comics, sci-fi, anime and horror combined with gaming, don’t forget the Fan Expo. Face other fans in tournaments and hang out with Batman and Harry Potter all day. (Aug 25-28)

Get out and explore the streets and skies of Toronto before September’s here!

~ Nilou Yekta