Since we were first introduced to Fresh Train Co. back in July, it felt like our summer was inundated with good-looking babes in the brand’s signature tank tops and hats (well, maybe that’s because we’re friends with fans of the brand, but whatever). Jump ahead a few months and Fresh Train is at it again, this time launching a fall/winter collection that is black on black on black.

Guillaume Viau, the brains behind Fresh Train Co. along with the help from his brother, Alex Viau, ditched the summer motif of florals and leopard prints and took the signature snapbacks in a dark direction. Leather-brimmed strapbacks with the statement RARE and FRSH across the front are definitely the standout pieces from the newest collection from Fresh Train. But the thing about Fresh Train is that even in an entirely black collection, the pieces are anything but unnoticeable—these are the type of items that stand out from afar (I recently spotted at Dark Horse, couldn’t miss it). Guillaume went for an all black look because, “black is clean, bold, and to the point. It doesn’t fuck around and nor do these hats.”

We panicked a bit when we didn’t see the tanktops that we envied on all the boys this summer, but were reassured by Guillaume that he’s “also currently working on finalizing our custom t-shirt and tank top patterns.” Phew.

To celebrate the launch of the latest from the brand, Fresh Train took to the top floor of the mysterious Soho House for a party filled with beautiful faces wearing pieces from the current collection as well as the previous. Fresh Train has a babely following, to say the least. Amazing music (from our pals Kings Of The North coupled with an attractive crowd (and stickers!) results in one superb party. And a wild night, it was.

If the launch was any sign of Guillaume’s future, it looks like it’s on a runaway train—because there’s no sign of Fresh Train slowing down.

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