This fall,  Gap had academy-award winning director David Fincher (The Social NetworkPanic Room, Fight Club) create four short films to launch their Dress Normal campaign. Shot in black and white, and featuring the black denim collection and tight fitting leather jackets, the shorts were sensual, steamy and practically arousing.

On the heels of this successful autumn campaign, Sofia Coppola (The Virgin SuicidesLost In Translation, Somewhere) has directed four short films to launch Gap’s holiday season.

We have never seen an ad that so accurately captures the overwhelming and frantic family holiday party. Cute, cool, amusing: we couldn’t help but chuckle at these sweet films that zoom in on the oddballs near and dear that always add spice to Christmastime.

Our favourite is Gauntlet, because it is our life. But Crooner definitely reminds us of those awkward childhood & teen years when we insisted on performing a magic show, Christmas dance or nativity-themed skit for the entire family. We’re still recovering from when we played Silent Night on our violin and everyone laughed.

Watch the films here. What do you think?