GapKids has partnered with Ellen Degeneres’ new lifestyle brand to launch GapKids x ED: a limited edition apparel collection and campaign that encourages girls everywhere to “be themselves, do what makes them happy and take pride in who they are.” It’s the message we’ve been waiting for our entire lives. It’s the message we most definitely want to teach our children. (Helps that the duds are super cute too!)

The GapKids x ED campaign features six phenomenal young girls who have excelled at skateboarding, drumming, robotics and entrepreneurialism, by being true to themselves, regardless of naysayers or outdated stereotypes. (GO GIRLS, GO!)

Beyond fashion, this cool collection is also encouraging a worldwide social movement: using the hashtag #heyworld followed by a name, a girl’s friend, mother, father or mentor can issue a call to action for social messages of encouragement and love to any girl in need of positive support, cheering her on through the power of positive words. In addition, there will be a texting opportunity to receive inspiring and encouraging messages from Ellen DeGeneres herself. (!!!!!)

“I know from my own experience that nothing makes you feel better than being who you are and celebrating what makes you unique. I think if we shine a light on real girls doing incredible things, that’ll encourage other girls and boys to do incredible things,” says DeGeneres.  “This opportunity to partner with Gap and my new lifestyle brand, ED, is the perfect way to celebrate girls just for being who they are; and to encourage them to unleash their passions; whether it’s math, soccer, singing, dancing, or simply singing while dancing in their bedroom.”


The GapKids x ED collection is built on Gap’s most loved wardrobe staples, but with an impactful twist, for girls and a selection for boys and adults as well. The collection prominently features two pieces of iconography:  the lightning bolt, a symbol of empowerment, and the speech bubble, a symbol of self-expression. The entire family is invited to join in on the powerful dialogue and celebration of individuality.

Clearly, there’s no more guessing how to do back-to-school this year; we’ll take the cool clothes with the even cooler message, please and thanks.


Your daring spirit inspires me to take risks. #HeyWorld


You impress me daily with your imagination and work ethic. #HeyWorld


You are a true creative spirit and I learn so much from you! #HeyWorld


When I watch you excel at doing what you love, it makes me so proud. #HeyWorld


Watching you grow is my greatest gift. Keep doing you. #HeyWorld