Have you downloaded it yet? The Nike Training Club App is outstanding; we’re totally impressed with how extensive it is. Oh, and it’s FREE!

We first spotted the #NTC trend on Facebook when many of our noticeably more active friends started using it and posting about their fitness progress. Our curiousity piqued after attending a couple Nike Training Club workouts in Toronto this fall. So we downloaded it and are now OBSESSED.

With a quick click, you can access 100+ workouts; it’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket! And it works for everybody, whether you are someone who hits the gym a couple times a week and uses the Nike NTC app to diversify with workouts in the park, or someone who thrives on the convenience of working out wherever, whenever.

The 100+ workouts are broken down into four main categories: Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Focused and Get Strong. While some focus on burning calories and getting the heart rate up, others cater to toning specific areas (we’re all over the Better Butt workout!) and we love the ones designed specifically to help combat stress.

Within each category, you can choose 30 or 45 minute programs that are carefully tailored for every level: beginner to advanced. If you aren’t sure exactly how a particular move works (sumo squat? what’s that?) click the video icon for a quick and easy to follow demo.

We adore that you can effortlessly synch the workouts with your own playlists or access albums from your iTunes library; you can really personalize this app which also allows you to calculate your progress.

Bottom line: Try it. 

Upcoming #NTC Event
Nike Get Winter Fit is happening in Toronto on December 1st. Curious? Find out deets and RSVP here. 
Ol’ Man Winter, bring it.  We are so ready for you.