AttenTION! Campers, sound off! I don’t know but I’ve been told, get Boobyball tickets before they’re sold!

This year, the annual fun-fun-fun fundraiser for Rethink Breast Cancer, Boobyball, is throwing Camp Booby, a nostalgic ode to the best memories of summer camp.

For many of us, this is where, among embroidery floss bracelets and hair braiding, we came to learn the true meaning of girl power. Now, we have the power to help protect girls like ourselves from breast cancer by supporting great organizations like Rethink.

Boobyball is always a swanky affair, and this will be no different, but it’s swank with a side of s’mores, slugging a bug juice cocktail. Prepare for “urban bonfires, boondoggle booty, Sadie Hawkins dances, wiener-eating contests, tuck shop surprises, and s’more – all in support of colour-wars champion Rethink Breast Cancer.”

Tickets for Camp Booby go one sale on Monday, August 27th, and are sure to sell out, so make sure to snag yours!

~Haley Cullingham