Brian is the friendly and uber talented music programmer at The Drake Hotel. Basically, he books The Drake Underground and Lounge with the coolest music acts and programs all the monthly parties that we like to hype up. But that’s not all! Mr. Smiley (don’t you love that?) also contributes to all the cultural happenings at Queen West’s hot bed for culture and pretty much works around the clock during colourful times like TIFF and Nuit Blanche. Right now, he’s all about What’s In The Box, the Drake’s annual music fest between Dec 26 and Dec 31. It’s awesome for many reasons but mostly this: 5 days, 5 acts, 5 bucks. We asked Brian to pull his head out of the box for a few minutes and tell us what he wants for the holidays.

Here be his wish list:

1. First and foremost, the man needs a couch
I moved into a new apartment in September and told myself I’d get a new couch. It’s now December and looking like I’ll be renewing my lease before sitting on something comfortable. A1 priority.

2. Boots
When you walk everywhere a good pair of boots is a necessity. And while Tom Brady might try to sell me man-Uggs, you can give me Sorel shit-kickers any day. **Think they sell them at Get Outside

3. Talk Talk – Live At Montreaux 1986 DVD
I saw this at HMV on Yonge St years ago and didn’t buy it for some reason (it was probably priced as an ‘import’ and therefore at least $100). I’ve regretted it ever since. Unless the poor quality YouTube clips have fooled me, it’s an incredible performance.

4. Anything released on Dark Entries/Minimal Wave record labels
Music nerd time. These two labels specialize in tracking down and releasing hidden, minimal/cold-wave gems on vinyl. Unreleased, underground, 80’s goth-synth-wave? Yes, please. Rotate This usually keeps a good selection in stock.

5. Vinyl Puzzle
This little guy landed in our General Stores recently. It could very well end up being a present to myself.

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