Do you have a go-to ceramist? No? Well, it’s time to change that. The art of ceramics, though slightly less popular than jewellery-making or oil painting, is nevertheless very well represented in our fair city. In Mile End  – on St-Laurent, just below Fairmount – there sits the most adorable ceramic and pottery shop that Montreal has to offer: Poterie Manu Reva.

Since 1993, this quaint little boutique has been offering a beautiful variety of cups, mugs and plates of all sizes and colours, as well as tea pots, urns and more by over 35 local ceramists and potters. All pieces are unique in colour, texture and shape, and of an exceptional quality – and they will just look so gosh-darn cute in your cupboard! Pieces are also not overly expensive, with smaller cups and bowls starting at $15. It’s interesting that Christmas is approaching at light speed and you still don’t have a gift idea for your mom/grandma/ big sister. Fact: now you do.

Check out Poterie Manu Reva’s site for their December store hours, and their Facebook page for great photos of their current stock!

Poterie Manu Reva 
5141 St-Laurent 

~ Tyler Yank