has Revolutionized the Way We Give and Receieve Gifts!

Gift giving can be a crap shoot (so delicately put, no?). We buy gifts we think our friends and loved ones will like because it seems “impersonal” to give cash (even though that’s what most of us really need). Then we sheepishly attach gift receipts (just in case), and hope for the best. But now, online registries like are removing the stigma of asking for cash and revolutionizing the way we give and receive gifts. is a new, fully customizable and secure online gift registry that allows users to create the ultimate wish list for any special occasion – for free!

Brides-to-be, new parents, honeymooners or those in need a down-payment on a new home can get their wish and ask for what they really need, even CA$H!

GiftSpacers have the choice to create a custom gift registry for either one big-ticket item (up to $30,000) like a honeymoon adventure or down-payment on a house, or add multiple items from anywhere. After curating their own unique wish list registries, GiftSpacers can then invite friends and family to contribute. It’s like crowdfunding for your life!

A small processing fee is charged to contributors – typically family and friends – way less than tax & shipping on a physical gift, and there are no hidden costs. The registry creator receives 100% of the funds gifted.

GiftSpaces teamed up with WePay – a well-known and trusted payment processor. Once a registry is published, WePay deposits gift contributions directly into the user’s bank account on a schedule determined by them – daily, weekly or monthly. GiftSpaces makes contributing from anywhere in the world with a credit card easy! Family and friends don’t need a PayPal account or have to worry about bank transfers.

Take a tour of GiftSpaces here!

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