Photography by Becca Lemire.

The only question I had when leaving 99 Sudbury on Friday, March 4th was, “When can this happen again?”

Organized by the Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club and Anna Von Frances of Pink Mafia it was a night where women fought for women. The energy in the room was absolutely electrifying and exhilarating.

Thousands of dollars were raised for Nellie’s Women’s Shelter and we were left cheering and hungry for more. A personal highlight was watching Anna storm out to the Rocky soundtrack, or was that my imagination? If it wasn’t playing it should have been: 5ft1 has never looked so mighty. Anna gave me a wink from under her helmet and I felt a rush of adrenaline. Suddenly, I was boxing’s biggest fan and genuinely nervous for all the tough women in the ring.

Between fights, Good Kids and Bangs & Blush played cock-rock (how ironic), hip hop and other knock ’em down tunes that had us all bouncing for the next match. BRING IT BACK! Give us more GirlFight! Make it a monthly! I wanna FIGHT! Actually, no, but I will cheer you on and wholeheartedly support the cause.

-Becca Lemire