SheDoesTheCity is giving away a box FULL of beautiful fair trade decor, jewelry, apparel, accessories, and more, handcrafted by artisans and curated just for you! 

We’re partnering with NOVICA to give one of our readers a sample of the Spring 2024 Undiscovered Artisan Box. Every season, this subscription box will take you to a different region of the world, allowing you to discover new cultures and traditions through stunning creations.

This Spring’s box will take you on a journey to Uzbekistan, where artisan guides Gulnora and her daughter Gulbahor Chorieva will introduce you to the textile treasures that speak to the time-worn tales of the Silk Road.

The artisan boxes are fully customizable, and our lucky winner will be able to select 5 items to fill up their unique box. Choose from intricately embroidered textiles, stunning home decor, delicate jewelry, and much more!

Intrigued? Here’s a look at some of the featured items you could fill your box with this season:

Hand-Woven Fringed Silk Ikat Scarf

Uzbekistan Blue and Green Glazed Ceramic Bouquet Vase

Geometric Patterned Assorted 100% Wool Area Rug

Handwoven 100% Cotton Robe with Blue and White Ikat Patterns

Heart-Themed Round Agate and Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

Plus SO many more unique creations—from tote bags to wall hangings to sculptures. You can browse through their offerings here.

Every item is ethically handcrafted and certified for quality, authenticity and fair trade principles, and the boxes are delivered in a beautiful gift wrap. 

Ready to receive your box of artisan treasures? Here’s how to enter our giveaway:

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  2. Enter the giveaway HERE using the same email address you used to subscribe.

If you aren’t selected as our giveaway winner, you can still receive a discount on your first Undiscovered Artisan Box! Your subscription supports global artisans and helps to preserve unique craft traditions that have been passed from generation to generation. Take advantage of NOVICA’s discount for new subscribers and get $10 off your first box.