For many of us, candles are a decorating necessity, whether for scent, serenity, or sexiness. What some don’t know is that most of the candles you buy in-store are made from toxic paraffin wax: fumes you definitely don’t want filling your air. Enter candles made from soy and veggie-based waxes. These candles burn cleaner, last longer, and don’t contain any harmful toxins. And now you can make your own!

Taught by Melissa Johari of Positively Glowing Candles, Grassroots in Riverdale is hosting a workshop that will teach absolute beginners how to craft their own soy candles. They also have a Bath Oils and Body Scrubs workshop coming up at the end of April. 

DIY Soy Candle Making
Grassroots Riverdale Store, 372 Danforth Ave.
Monday, April 16th, 7:30-9 pm

$30. To register, click here.

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~ Haley Cullingham