Gucci Launches Gucci.com Canada

Gucci-a name synonymous with luxury, elegance, and style-is bringing the ultimate online shopping experience to Canada. Whether you’re scrolling through and admiring the beautiful goods, or ordering something that will be delivered, in a gift-wrapped box, to your door (ooh la la!) the sleek new site is a feast for the eyes. Like Gucci’s ad campaigns, the images are inspiring and the design is sleek-and the shopping experience is designed to match the high quality of the goods. The site lets you zoom in on the high-quality images, and rotate them 360 degrees, so you can truly explore the designs on offer. There are also exclusive videos, slideshows of the latest ads and promotions, and fantastic image stills from Gucci runway shows. This new site will satiate even the most lustful fashion appetite.

The new Gucci.com



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  4. BarelyPeach
    July 13, 2010

    While everyne else is going rainbow happy for summer , Gucci keeps it classy!

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