420 is the day when pot-smokers young and old come together on college campuses, in city parks, and underneath sarongs in basements, to celebrate gettin’ stoned. Whether you like to spend your high time climbing trees, watching re-runs of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, dancing in the dark, or making up games like “Let’s Find Tiny Things To Pile On Haley,” on this day, we salute you. Bask in the sunshine, turn up the mix tape, run naked to the top of a hill, bake some brownies, go to an aquarium, rent a stack of DVDs all about the medieval times, play your guitar on a street corner, mix caramel corn with sour cream and onion chips (trust us), make a fort out of pizza boxes, or just enjoy the smokey good-time company of people who make you laugh so hard you fall off the couch and can’t get up again. It’s a little day off from reality, boys and girls, so throw on some reggae and turn on, tune in, and drop out.