Have you made your breast friend collage on Facebook? Telus will donate $1 for every time you DO THIS.

To all our breasty-breast-friend-bosom buddies! For the month of October – or Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Telus will donate $25 from every pink Blackberry Curve sold to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Every time you make an oh-so-fun Breast Friend collage using this entertaining app on their Facebook page, Telus will donate $1. Who doesn’t like fiddling around with photos on Facebook? We know this is your jam. Whip one up, tag your friends and share it on your wall because every dollar counts.

After you make a pretty pink collage of your happy breast friends, whip off your shirt and feel your boobs. We all know that Cancer is an undiscriminating disease and Breast Cancer affects women young and old. We like to check for lumps in the shower, but this can also be something you do with your partner. I mean, they might feel your tits more than you, right? Do it alone, do it together, but make sure to DO IT!

And of course, like all health issues, preventative measures are the most important. BEING HEALTHY IS COOL! Breasts are beautiful. You only got one life, protect yourself and take care.

Now procrastinate that excel doc and make a colllllllllllaaaaageeeee with your breasties.

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