First of all, we are mesmerized by Heather Graham’s good looks. The actress still has the same glow since she was roller skating in short-shorts on Boogie Nights. But this film is so not like that. One of the few kid friendly films at TIFF, The Flying Machine is a whimsical 3D stop-motion animation and live action combo where Heather plays a busy single mom who meets Lang Lang and his flying-piano contraption that floats her off into the clouds and forces her to think introspectively about her priorities. Hey, if someone tossed us on a flying piano, we’d do the same. Set to the music of Frederyk Chopin, this is a visually stunning and culturally enhancing flick for kids with big imaginations. It’s probably also a film that twenty-somethings will flock to after smoking a fat one. In a one-on-one with Richard Crouse, Graham talks about nostalgia and pretending to fly over Paris. And she’s SO HOT it almost makes us mad.

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