Margot Grant Witz is the VP of Global Direction for Elizabeth Grant Skincare, and as an ambassador for the company’s EG Cares charitable division, she’s passionate about giving back. Makes sense, then, that she’s the brain behind The Big Give—an annual charity event that, this year, is taking place at Ripley’s Aquarium on January 23rd that supports Look Good, Feel Better. LGFB runs workshops and seminars that offer support to women and girls who have been diagnosed with cancer. We spoke with Grant Witz about this amazing event for a great cause, which will be the first fundraising event hosted among the fish at Ripley’s Aquarium!

SDTC: What can attendees expect at this year’s THE BIG GIVE?

MW: An amazing time filled with delicious food, great tunes, incredible entertainment and, of course, a private viewing of the aquarium.

SDTC: How excited are you to host the first major fundraiser at Ripley’s Aquarium? When you scouted it as a venue, what were your initial thoughts? Were you staring at a particular fish and thought, “THIS IS IT!”

MW: I have been dreaming of the aquarium space since the first The Big Give. It’s equal parts exciting and scary because it’s HUGE, but I just knew it’s what had to happen. I didn’t know how at the time, as it wasn’t built, but I knew it had to happen. The backdrop of the event is living, breathing, moving. The best is, it’s not just one fish, it’s every fish! It brings out your inner child in a bright-eyed, wondrous sort of way.

SDTC: Can you tell us about why you decided to work with, and raise proceeds for, LGFB? How has this organization touched you?

MW: I have sat on the board of the CCTFA for years (Canadian Cosmetics Toiletry and Fragrance Association – the umbrella of LGFB) and I just didn’t really understand why this incredible foundation only “got to” people when someone was sick. I think the organization has a beautiful message: To Look Good and Feel Better while you are going through chemotherapy. Cancer is a very scary journey for the person going through it, but also for their loved ones. My father (who the event is in honour of) passed away from cancer and while I watched him go through it, he insisted to all his friends to not treat him like he was sick, because he was still here and fighting. The LGFB program helps to support the fighting spirit within every woman and teenage girl going through chemotherapy. I personally find that invaluable, for them to be able to say “I am going through this battle and I have the fighting spirit to get through it.” LGFB gives them the tools to not look sick so everyone around them doesn’t treat them with white gloves.

SDTC: We’ve heard a lot of hot goss about the goodie bag, can you tell us about it?

MW: I believe a swag bag should be exciting and this year is no exception. It’s over 30 quality items from the skin care and make up brands we know and love, and comes in an Elizabeth Grant travel tote. The only “paper” in the bag are coupons for goods and services we actually use.

SDTC: What is the most challenging thing about hosting a giant fundraiser?

MW: The DETAILS. I am awake until about 2am every night thinking of how I can make sure everything runs as smoothly as a giant event can—or at least looking like everything is running smoothly!

SDTC: What’s your advice to other young people who are considering starting a fundraising legacy?

MW: Remember everyone who is participating are volunteers. No one has to help but when they do, remember everyone has their own jobs and any extra time they can offer is a bonus. It humbles you to see who is willing to roll up their sleeves because they find the cause as rewarding as you do. Remember to say THANK YOU…a lot.

SDTC: Any other details you’d like to share with us?

MW: I want everyone to know what to expect and that is: we have the ENTIRE aquarium. Uber will be providing one free 30$ ride for new customers (aka. your DD’s for the night). You can continue to donate dollars throughout the night and of course, a HUGE special thank you to: Barque Events, Chef Alex Burgess, Yamchops, Qu Tasting, Three Olives Vodka, Cupcake Culture, Steamwhistle Brewery, Rosehall Run Vineyard, LOL Candy, Allan Candy, Kernels, EGPR, Jessgo, JET Entertainment and Instyle Activities…I wouldn’t be able to do the event without you!