Bahar Niramwalla is one of Canada’s most sought-after beauty experts in the industry today (just ask The Huffington Post Canada who hailed Bahar as one of the top “Canadian Beauty Insiders On Twitter To Follow”).

With over ten years of experience as a makeup artist, TV personality and editor, Bahar has established herself as the go-to authority for all things beauty and has appeared on The Marilyn Denis Show, CityLine, The Morning Show and Steven and Chris.

Bahar has written for various publications, including The Globe and Mail where she helped to create and present “Beauty Basics” how-to videos while writing a weekly column within the style section. This powerhouse was also the former Editor-in-Chief of Beauty Desk and was instrumental in launching their website. Most recently, Bahar has been appointed Grooming Editor for Chrome Magazine, a brand new men’s lifestyle magazine set to launch Fall 2016.

We caught up with her this week to get a little bit of style advice.

SDTC: Can you briefly describe your career trajectory to get to where you’re at now?

BN: Randomly wonderful, often haphazard and a healthy dose of luck (and great people) are what got me to where I am now. After ten years of working my way up from QA Analyst to Account Manager to Creative Producer, the makeup artistry skill set I had finally paid off when I landed a gig as a beauty blogger for Yahoo! Canada.

From there, The Globe and Mail came calling and that relationship led to over 100 “Beauty Basics” tutorial videos where I learned scripting and on-camera presence. From there, it’s been gigs with various beauty brands, regular TV appearances on Global’s Morning Show and CityLine. Now, I am currently branching out across our great country to bring my knowledge into the homes of every Canadian I can.

How would you describe your own personal style?

When it comes to my makeup, it’s all about staying true to the idea of enhancing the features I like and loving the face I’ve been given. I keep things simple with concealer where needed, mascara, filled in brows and a hint of blush. When it comes to my clothes, the idea remains the same. Simple pieces, sticking to neutral shades and blue jeans. ALWAYS blue jeans.

I want to overhaul my look but I don’t know where to start. Any tips?

Start out slowly and go from there. Don’t toss everything out from your makeup bag. Instead, try adding in one trend item or colour and test it out on weekends. I’ve told many clients that the best way to get used to something is to wear it while you’re alone around the house.

What is a classic look that looks good on nearly everyone?

Happy, healthy looking skin works for us all! Take care of your skin with a good routine and find products that work for you, not just what your friend swears by. Pay attention to your diet and hydration to ensure your skin is at its best. Colour-wise, filled in brows always look great on everyone as they frame the eyes. Also, don’t be afraid of blush. It can really wake up the face and, when in doubt, you can use a touch on your eyes for a monochromatic look. Just be aware: a little blush goes a long way, so go easy!

What trends are you loving right now? Which ones need to end ASAP?

The monochromatic look is probably my fave look of the season because it’s easy to pull off and it really simplifies a makeup routine. Using the same colour on the eyes, lips and cheeks is a streamlined look that really won’t go out of style (as long as you’re not using trendy shades in neon).

The one trend that needs refinement is probably the highlight/contour craze that has swept everyone and everywhere. I say refinement vs. ending because, when done subtly and correctly, it can definitely enhance your look for a night out or for photos. But it seems there is a great deal of “war paint” striping and heavy, unrealistic-looking highlighting and contouring that doesn’t do much for one’s natural beauty.

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