Hitting the restart button on your life: Part 2

Part 2: What the Eff Now?

Last week I talked about pushing the restart button on things that just aren’t working for you. If you’ve been thinking about that, and it scares you, GOOD! It’s supposed to. But being scared and being prepared are two very different things, so before you make any big moves, it’s important to be real with yourself. And I mean REALLY real.

Like a true detective of your own life, you can use the five dubs as a guide: Who? What? Where? When? Why?


I used to have a boss that would tell me to appoint a Board of Directors. While that sounds very business-y, the guy did have a point. A board’s main purpose is to collectively oversee the activities of an organization. WHO are your people? Reach out.


As in, WHAT the hell am I going to do about money (or lack thereof)?

If you’re planning on quitting your job and don’t have something lined up right away, don’t despair. I am pretty much the worst when it comes to money. I’m like one of those kinda frugal/kinda BUY THINGS FOR THE EXPERIENCE people. So if you could save some dough, do it. If you are in a position to buy property, that’s great too.

That said, I (of all people) am in no position to tell you about money, but it’s important to know WHAT you need to survive. WHAT are your expenses? WHAT are you willing to do for dough? You might have to be creative-ish.

Got a car? Get your Uber license. Either that, or sell your car. I have a car. Does anyone want to buy a car? HEY YOU, BUY MY CAR!

Enjoy yoga? Look into energy exchange programs that will let you practice for free in exchange for you washing mats and towels a few hours a week.

Also, do the smart things like updating your resume, and getting emails and contacts in order. The important thing is to be ready when new opportunities come knocking.


Where are you headed? If you stay on the same path, where will it lead you in five years? Ten years? What changes do you need to make in order to be where you want to be? If this all feels overwhelming, start small. Don’t let the idea of perfection get in the way of production.


I recently got an agent who told me that it usually takes about five years to really get your name out there and get bookings. At first I felt a bit helpless, but everything starts somewhere. There are two optimal times to make changes in your life: one is a year ago, and the other is right-freaking-now!


This could be the most essential piece to the puzzle. Knowing WHY you work twelve-hour days. Knowing WHY you live in the burbs. If you want to take anything to the next level, you’ve got to know why it’s important. And if it’s not important, knowing WHY NOT will help you learn and grow.

There are many new, unusual, and wonderful things about making big life changes. Some things you can expect and plan for. Others will knock you right in the gut so that you start randomly crying in the candy aisle at Shoppers.

Part 3 of 4: Come with me through the transition from employed to “OMG WTF have I done?”

Dani Stover just moved back to Toronto after five years in Peterborough where she was working her dream job as a morning radio host. Besides getting up super early every morning to talk on the radio, Stover also produced and hosted the web series Bandwagon and a DIY series The Basic Girls’ Guide. She also spearheaded the first-ever PTBO PAD PARTY, which raised menstrual products for women in need. After quitting her job and coming back to the big city, Stover has hit the restart button on her life.

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