It is easy in Vancouver to slip into a Cafe Crepe-rut. Sure, cheap drinks and frites is great, and who can deny the power of Nutella, but why go to a restaurant when you can make it at home? Here I’ve included the best recipe (from my French friend, Thomas) of which you can make crepes for days that you can share with a whole group of people, and a number of places you can get ingredients.



25 grams of flour
1/2 litre of milk
1 tablespoon of oil (sunflower oil, preferably)
2 tablespoons of sugar
3 eggs
A pinch of salt
Zest of orange
A pan


1. Put the flour into a bowl. Make a well and add eggs, oil, sugar, salt, a little milk.
2. Mix the dough with a spoon or a whisk. Pour in the rest of the milk.
3. Sprinkle mix with orange zest and let stand at least 1 / 4 hour.
4. When you are ready to put the mix onto your pan, make the mix a little more fluid in by adding a touch of milk or water.
5. Grease the pan With a bit of paper towel doused in oil and add a ladle’s worth of mix onto the pan.
6. Cover the pan with a thin layer and when ready, flip the other side.

Et voila! You’ve got crepes, with a hint of orange (Thomas’ personal signature additive).

I tried these crepes with various insides, but the biggest ones that I loved where lemon and sugar, Nutella, and Ricotta and Berries. Play around! Below are some places in Vancouver with the best goods.

Sunrise Grocery
300 Powell Street, Vancouver
This place is the best place to get the cheapest fruits yet pretty good quality. They might not last long in your fridge, but plenty of time for your crepes.

Les Amis du Fromage
1752 2nd Ave West, Vancouver
Les Amis is like going to Chuck-e-Cheese for cheese lovers. Friendly service, perfect for trying out cheeses for the crepes.

PriceSmart Foods
Various Locations
You can grab the more common ingredients from these guys: cheaper than Save-on-Foods yet owned by them. Weird, but at least you can make more crepes with the savings!