Feeling BLAHHHH about your home? Us too. It’s that weird time where the holidays are just around the corner so we’re being extra careful about our spending but also wanting to mix it up a little, you know?

In hopes of finding a little inspiration that won’t break the bank, we decided to put four Toronto women we adore (who are also VERY aesthetically minded – just look at their ‘grams!) to the test by sending each of them a $100 HomeSense gift card to see how they would work their magic to refresh their homes and/or workspaces. Here’s what they came up with.

Nadia Tan is a Toronto-based filmmaker and visual artist planning on spending this winter living in the middle of the woods. Peek her on Insta @nadia_c_tan.

SDTC: What were your three favourite finds from your trip to HomeSense, and why?

NT: My three favourite finds were the marble and wooden serving platters and the blue patterned plates. I like the marble and wood pieces because they have a unique organic quality to them and no two items in the store were the same. I like the patterned plates because they remind me of delftware – being half Dutch, I have a nostalgic association with the intricate blue painted dishes that used to line the shelves of my Oma’s kitchen when I was a child.What interior design/decorating trend are you loving right now?

I love brass and have an ever-growing collection of brass objects from antique shops and flea markets. Is that a trend?Describe your personal style when it comes to your workspace.

I like organic materials, earth tones and muted colours. I like things that have a timeless quality to them – pieces that feel at home in the kitchen today but would also fit in fifty or a hundred years ago. When entertaining and throwing dinner parties, I like to create a visual sense of abundance. I try to make things feel gezellig, which is one of those untranslatable Dutch words that has no English equivalent. It describes a warm feeling you get when surrounded by good food, good atmosphere or good people and perhaps comes closest to “cozy.”

Paige Boersma is the owner and creative director of Studio Bicyclette, a boutique creative and educational studio that aims to inspire and help brands and businesses find their magic, style their brand and tell their story. When she’s not styling a photoshoot or helping clients implement a social media strategy, you can usually find her dreaming up fancy cocktail creations, planning her next adventure or hunting for the perfect shade of pink lipstick. Peek her on Insta @studiobicyclette.

SDTC: What were your three favourite finds from your trip to HomeSense, and why?

PB: The set of yellow iridescent glasses: I love experimenting with new cocktail creations and have a bit of a weakness for pretty glassware, and with a tablescape styling project and cocktail recipe to accompany it on the go, I had been on the lookout for some special glassware that would fit the colour palette and tie in with our current glassware as well. I found these glasses and the yellow colour was a beautiful golden hue that tied in nicely with our gold detailed bar accessories and had a warmth that felt perfect for the season. I also love the shape that blurs the line between a classic tumbler and a stemless wine glass — which means they work for cocktails and wine!

Blue Velvet Pillows: I’ve been coveting all things velvet recently, from my wardrobe to my home accessories, so when I came across this pair of pale blue velvet pillows, it was love at first sight. I tend to gravitate towards hints of pastel to contrast the darker tones in my home (like our couch), and so the colour was what really sold me on these, especially since the velvet catches the light just so and gives them a beautiful cozy texture.

Winter Frost Candle: I have a bit of a double standard when it comes to my candles: not only do I want them to smell amazing, but I also expect them to look pretty. This one fit the bill perfectly, with a fresh, winter-appropriate scent and a beautiful textured blue jar with a gold lid that tied in with the other gold details in the room and complemented my new pillows as well!What interior design/decorating trend are you loving right now?

Velvet! I love how it adds immediate glamour to a space (especially when mixed with gold or brass accents) and the texture and way it catches the light makes it so luxurious.Describe your personal style when it comes to your home.

I tend to describe my personal style as “pretty with an edge,” and I think my home would fall under the same description, though it’s a constant work in progress! I love incorporating little details that tell a story, so you’ll always find those layered into my spaces.

Breeyn Mccarney runs an eponymous custom womenswear label specializing in unique non-traditional bridal gowns and embellished dresses in Toronto. Peek her on Insta @breeynmccarney.

SDTC: What were your three favourite finds from your trip to HomeSense, and why?

BM: I was pretty excited about all of them, to be honest. The gold fractal heart coffee cup is my new best friend. That flamingo note board – c’mon! That is soooo perfect, it’s like he was waiting there for me. And those vintage-looking iridescent bowls! I am using them to hold beads while working on pieces of embellishment for my clients. Perfect for flat lay shoots where I show off those tambour projects in progress.What interior design/decorating trend are you loving right now?

Big, clean white spaces with pops of colour – and for me, that pop of colour is usually pink or gold!Describe your personal style when it comes to your workspace.

My personal style is all about pink, flamingos, glitter, and pretty details. I am moving to a brand new office space January 1st, and I get to create the whole look. Dreamy blush florals and bright white spaces will highlight the bridal gowns I’m making for my clients, and I hope the space is selfie-inducing. The pieces I got from HomeSense are perfect for the vision I have in mind.

Scarlet O’Neill is a Toronto-based photographer who focuses on lifestyle, weddings and editorial. Her dreamy work aims to capture the everyday in the most genuine and beautiful way possible, while staying true to her subjects. Peek her on Insta @scarletoneill.

SDTC: What were your three favourite finds from your trip to HomeSense, and why?

SO: The salad spinner we got was the best purchase ever, since we make salads with every meal and there’s nothing worse than soggy wet salad. Plus, it’s such a sleek design and so functional. We also purchased the pizza cutter and pizza pan, which make our favourite dish so easy to cook and allow us to really enjoy the work we put into our meal.What interior design/decorating trend are you loving right now?

I love how people are adding useful items into their home, instead of things that look nice but have no purpose. At this point in my life, I’m all about tools and objects that are equal parts functional and visually beautiful, especially when there’s a personal touch! Describe your personal style when it comes to your home.

We updated our kitchen with things that really allow us to cook with ease. Our home is open concept, so having pieces that look good sitting out in the open while being functional is really great.

The verdict? It can be done! By spending as little as $100 at HomeSense, all of our Instagrammers were able to breathe new life into their spaces by incorporating a few key, trendy pieces. And you know what, we’re feeling inspired to do the same! See you at HomeSense this weekend?