She’s not the type who wants a stranger’s dick to slap against her shoulder but bubbly with a group pedicure is too girly and blah. Gee, what are you going to do for her stagette? HULA HOOP PARTY!! 

Brides-to-be, bridesmaids, or whoever wants to gyrate, listen up! YOU can host a private hoop class for 5-8 friends at a cost of $250, flat at Felinity Fitness. That price includes, one hour of actual hooping, technique and all, with an instructor PLUS an extra 30 minutes to fuck around with a bottle of champers, dirty pose in the mirror, or whatever! Limbo under the feathered boa?

If you want to go big, like a group of 9-15 hoopers, then it’s only $30 per person. Of course, you can substitute a hoop for a pole but we thought the hula-hoop idea was a tad more original than Pole Play. 

Once you’ve spun and worked the pelvis, hit the town and get dizzy again with drinks and drinks and drinks. 

Fitness AND debauchery! Hoohah!