How I’m Gearing Up For World Contraception Day

I began working on the #3yeargoals campaign back in March, when I wrote about setting realistic goals and timelines. It was an intense time in my life with a lot going on at once, and this exercise helped me organize my thoughts without getting overwhelmed.

Next, things got personal when I chatted with Dr. Christine Palmay in May about women’s health and fertility, something that’s been on my mind a lot ever since turning thirty.

With World Contraception Day coming up next week, it felt like the right time to pick up where I left off and continue the conversation because (in the words of Bob Dylan) the times they are a-changin’.

Back when I was in uni, and trying to figure out all this not getting pregnant business, birth control seemed so damn straightforward; everybody I knew was on the pill, having loads of sex on crappy mattresses with IKEA bedsheets, and that was that. These days, there are far more options and variables.

All the twenty-somethings/millennials I know are ambitious, creative and constantly on the go. Whether they’re photographers running around the city looking for #inspo, bloggers bouncing around from their computers to media previews or budding entrepreneurs ubering to and from meetings and appointments – their days are chaotic and often unpredictable. Between multiple jobs and passions, there’s little room left for routine, meaning a long-acting non-daily form of birth control would be far more complementary to their lifestyle. But do they know that?

So let this serve as a friendly public service announcement to all of my lady pals, IRL and on the internet. I KNOW you’re busy and I KNOW there are a million things you’d rather do, but if your birth control isn’t working for you, take initiative and go see your doctor. But first, check out all the options available to you because there are SO MANY! There’s bound to be at least one perfect fit, especially if pregnancy isn’t part of your #3yeargoals.

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