Today we’re talking about salads. There are lots of easy ways to “beef” them up, even if you’re a vegetarian! Sometimes salads get a bad rep for being insufficient as a meal, but I disagree—it’s great for our bodies and digestion to eat 30 to 50 percent raw foods with each meal. And, with a few easy tricks, you can take your salads to the next level!

Step one: Choose a base
Kale, spinach, roasted root vegetables (from last night’s dinner), quinoa, brown rice, couscous, etc.

Step two: Add some interest and texture (not to mention nutrients)
Roasted or raw grated beets, raw nuts and seeds, chicken, tuna (seared or quality canned), beans, fennel, apples or pears, kohlrabi, boiled or soft egg, tomatoes (sundried or fresh), artichokes, olives…the possibilities are endless!
For those who eat cheese: blue cheese, parmesan and feta are powerful and tasty cheeses that go a long way with a small amount.

Step three: Make a delicious and nutritious dressing with the ratio 2:1 of oil:vinegar
Mix up oils: extra virgin olive oil, avocado, flax, walnut
Vinegars: White wine, red wine, rice, apple cider, champagne
Flavour profile: dijon mustard, hot sauce, shallots, smashed fruit, juice, capers, garlic, fresh herbs and spices
Mix it up by hand or with a blender, taste, and season with sea salt and fresh pepper.

One of my favourite salads to make includes kale, apple, tomato, and butternut squash with spicy mango dressing. Try it!