How to get Hitched with Dramatic Flair

We’ve all been to a million bazillion weddings that go like this: beautiful ceremony, lovely cocktail hour, band plays appropriate mix of oldies and top 40 jams, speeches, chicken or fish, dancing, cake cutting, more speeches, clinking glasses to make bride and groom kiss, more dancing, tired by midnight, the end.

Well wouldn’t it be super fantastic to attend a wedding that leaves a lasting impression? Fire breathers? An ice bar? Ricky Martin? Bring it! While my own wedding was an absolute dream, I kinda wish someone had told me about all the ways one can inject a little razzle-dazzle into her big day. Read on if you are looking for a totally unique experience to shake up your shindig.

Take it to the Stage

Bring the story of your courtship to life with Tell Me a Love Story. This completely adorable team of geniuses (geniae?) will write and perform your very own miniature rom-com, much to the surprise and delight of your guests. Everyone loves a back-story “how did you two meet?” “how did he pop the question?” Now you can tell them in the most dramatic way! Bonus: great idea for friends/family celebrating a big anniversary too.

A Different Kind of Photo Album

Remember that phase you went through where every visit to Yorkdale mall wasn’t complete without a stop off at the photo booth? No? That was just me? Hmm…do malls even have photo booths anymore? Gotta check that out…Ah yes, back to the topic at hand! Weddings! What do you think about setting up a photo booth at your wedding? Guests can play around, and capture candid times throughout the night (read: your drunkest friends will certainly have the most fun with this). There are 3 options with decidedly different feels; Snapz Photo Booth for the traditional bride,Smilebooth for the goofy hipster in you, and Booth for the sleek contemporary couple. This can be a fun add-on to the guest experience with no fuss; set up, leave guests to their own devices, haul it away, enjoy the memories forever.

Something Old

I am totally smitten with the idea of bringing some old-world elegance to a wedding bash. Depending on your theme or overall feel, this may or may not apply but the folks at Hazlitt Vintage Rentals have a huge inventory of retro items awaiting their second lives. From furniture and large pieces (like a cedar strip canoe) to tiny, and yet whimsical accessories (like old keys and luggage) these bits and bobs can go a long way in enriching your wedding aesthetic.

Ice, Ice Baby

There was definitely a time when ice sculptures were so overdone that they screamed CHEESE! But guess what? Everything is cyclical (kinda like how everyone is sooo over cupcakes, but they will be hot, hot, hot again by the time your baby cousins are getting married). Well dudes and dudettes, we are officially back in the ice age – oooh, baby. Let Iceculture build your wedding dreams in what else? Ice! Bars, chandeliers, skylines, podiums, thrones; you name it, they’ve iced it.

Light up Your Life

This is just a small detail, but I had to throw it in because I thought it fell in the category of ‘small change, big impact’. For an evening ceremony (either outside at sunset, or indoors with dimmed lights), have your bridesmaids carry lanterns instead of flowers. For a dreamy, glowy, romantic feel that will make everyone feel mushy and melty. Most furniture rental companies in the city (like Contemporary Furniture Rentals) should have lanterns in their offering, but you could always consider buying a few inexpensive ones and using them in the yard or balcony of your future marital home…awww.

That’s a Huge Head!

Some might say “ridiculous!”  but you know what? Who cares! If you are loving the idea of having a Caricaturist at your wedding, then carry on without shame, my friend. If it’s a casual affair, then caricatures of your guests will not only be completely fun and entertaining, but thoroughly memorable for all. Best part? No additional guest favors needed!

Make it an A-List Event

Are you and your guy crazy for Madonna? Marilyn? MJ? Then put them on the guest list! Hours of entertainment for the whole group, check this list of celeb impersonators and pick out your fave (I suggest Tom Jones for sure). It may sound corny, but trust me – I once attended a “Shania Twin” concert at a biker bar on the outskirts of London, Ontario (may or may not have sung on stage with her thanks to some liquid courage) and she was fantastic. I hope that personal anecdote has swayed you.

So whether it’s referencing the past, or capturing the present there is always room for a little je-ne-sais-quoi to have your guests saying “that was the #$%^ best wedding I’ve ever been to!”

~ Ali Maldoff


  1. samesh1
    November 19, 2013

    I went to a wedding once and I fell in love with the beautiful  modern furniture in Miami.  I knew that one day I would want that in my home. The style is fantastic!

  2. WayneParker
    February 20, 2014

    I love the idea of carrying the lamps instead of flowers. That really will add a warm romantic feel to the wedding. Thanks for the great ideas Ali!

    Wayne. |

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