Christina Ford reflects on a lifetime of dating misadventures in her candid, honest and hilarious new memoir: In Search of Mr Darcy

Ford is no stranger to the unpredictable chaos that dating can bring. Her ex-husband left her for a 21-year-old dominatrix —then married her. A boyfriend set her house on fire. She’s waded into the tedious waters of online dating, and discovered firsthand that a perfectly timed one-night stand could be more effective than years of therapy. And in doing all of this, she faced down the misguided idea that life is over for single or divorced women over 40.

“I realized that every heartbreak was a stepping stone toward self-discovery,” she says. “Each chapter of misadventure led me closer to understanding what I truly wanted in life and love.”


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While In Search of Mr Darcy is a “Sex and The City-esque” romance memoir, with countless experiences relatable to anyone trying to date in today’s world, Ford also unpacks many other chapters of her life: friendships and frenemies, addiction, body image, and the often-thankless tasks of single parenting and step-parenting.

Splitting her time between Toronto, the UK, and LA, Ford continues to write about her life on her blog “A-Broad in London”, described as “a survival guide for life, travel, and being sensationally single”.

To celebrate the launch of In Search of Mr Darcy in Canada, Ford shared with us the origin story behind her memoir, her best dating advice, and her favourite snippet from the book.

Can you tell us a bit about the origin story of In Search of Mr. Darcy? What compelled you to write this book?

Ah, the origin story! Picture this: a modern-day woman with a penchant for Jane Austen novels and an obsession for Sex and The City, with a dash of Bridget Jones-style humour. The real catalyst was a particularly disastrous breakup. 

And not to give too much away, but the way I left, and the genius way I let my partner of ten years know that I knew he was cheating on me, well— a friend said, “Christina, this is an ending to a fantastic book,” so I started writing.

In reliving and documenting all of these experiences, what emotions came up for you in the writing process?

It was a rollercoaster, to say the least. I laughed, I cried, I cringed, and I may have indulged in a glass or three of wine. The process was cathartic—turning painful memories into humorous anecdotes and lessons. But it showed me that my failures were some weird-ass portal into something wonderful. And hopefully, it will do the same for my readers.  

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Do you have a favourite line(s) you wrote for the book?

Oh, that’s like choosing a favourite child! 

“I am quite proud of my immediate elimination, a swift swipe to the left Man Menu. Of course, this was a long, painful birth of absolute no-go’s in the online dating world.  I put into place a system for immediate rejections, no second guessing  if any profile photos included the following;

  • Posing with a cigarette or cigar
  • Posing with a gun (more an American thing)
  • Posing with a pint (more a British thing)
  • Posing with a fish on the end of his finger (more a Canadian thing)
  • A faceless torso
  • A body-less face
  • And, of course, the bathroom selfie.

And not that I need to say this, but this list is far from complete.”

You also talk about friendships, parenting, and other experiences outside of romantic love—why was it important to you to include these other chapters of your life?

My God, how could I write this book about love and the lessons it taught me and not talk about my real soulmates, my girlfriends? They are what gets us through all the cruel crap that life can hurl at our head. 

And that of being a mom, a single mom, and then a step-mom. Parenting is the most difficult job in the world, up there with Alaska King crab fishermen and Chilean coal miners.  And I will share this quote my father said of raising children— “Christina, just remember the first 40 years are the hardest.”

What is something you wish was more widely understood when it comes to life for women after 40?

That life after 40 is not the end—it’s often just the beginning! Society tends to put a “best before” date on women, but the truth is, we’re more fabulous, more confident, and more adventurous than ever. We need more conversations celebrating this vibrant chapter of our lives.

What are 3 things you think anyone trying to date in today’s world should keep in mind?

First, embrace the chaos—dating is messy, unpredictable, and often hilarious. Second, know your worth—don’t settle. Third, always carry a sense of humour—it’s your best defense against the absurdities of the dating world.

What are your hopes for any reader who picks up this book?

I hope they laugh, cry, and find comfort knowing they’re not alone in their struggles. No matter what our background, the more we women share, the more we realize just how much we have in common. Also, cherish the journey and the lessons learnt along the way. They really are gifts, although sometimes we need a little time to see that. Ultimately, I hope my book inspires readers to live their lives boldly and with a healthy dose of humour.

In Search of Mr Darcy is available now.