I walk in and see a massive lineup. Quickly, I’m greeted by some of the squad and given a little tour, when I overhear security saying that the line now must go out the door. It’s not a problem, but if it were, it would be a very good problem to have. This pop-up is lit!

13728392_10153926901614613_2035186059_oWhere was I? #InstaxShareTO! The pop-up that went down last week at 12 Ossington Avenue for Fujifilm. Who was everyone lining up to see? Kastor & Pollux, a digital agency with a killer website and social media presence, and they nabbed Jenn Im to do a meet and greet at the event. Jenn Im is essentially a digital (and real-life) goddess, with followers galore and an über-cute YouTube show called Clothes Encounters.

The pairing is perfect, and word has clearly gotten out to all the right people. It’s a stylish bunch, and there are literally hundreds of people waiting to see her.

13709532_10153926901579613_2137354904_oThe space was essentially a Fujifilm exhibit/digi-girl dream come true. At the centre of it was the launch of Fujifilm’s Instax Share SP-2 Printer, among the entire lineup of the latest Fujifilm Instax products.

We were all inevitably taking a bunch of pics on our phones, and Fujifilm has the solution for you to not lose your memories in cyberspace. You just download the Instax Share app, connect your phone to the printer, and BOOM! A physical copy of the image starts printing itself. That’s right, you don’t need to have your actual camera to get the goods PHYSICALLY on Instax film. You still get the experience of watching the forms come to life! You still have a lil’ takeaway!

13718062_10153926901644613_1741583650_oLuckily for everyone, there were plenty of other things to feast your eyes on while waiting for Jenn Im: Photography by Pat O’Rourke, a #KPSquad DJ doing her thing in the basement (where there were oodles of fun backdrops and intricate sets to take pictures within), and sweet treats by the Food Dudes.

13709715_10153926901619613_395472948_oIn no time, we were shaking it like a Fujifilm picture. And in no time, Jenn Im was there in the flesh! Oh, what a day. Squad strong.