It’s really cute to watch a couple learn the footwork, lock eyes, hold each other and dance.  I don’t know about you but watching the first dance at a wedding overwhelms me with happiness, to the point that I sit there in a silly looking coma with a gaping smile and beaming eyes fixated on their every turn. Anyway, Brandon and Lindsay (one of the couples participating in the K-Y Intimacy Experiment, and in the video above) are at the dance studio – not so much to become salsa experts but to enjoy the sensual experience together, touch each other in a new way and move with one another to the music. 

Taking a dance lesson may sound kind of cheesy but I have very fond memories from when my husband and i took private lessons before our wedding. Half the fun was screwing up – that and watching the short male instructor swoon my man around the room with elegant dips and twirls….hilarious. During the week we’d dim the lights at home and turn on our song – and it was a fantastic way to end a day. The only problem was that we had chosen a particularly tricky number that required us to mamba…or was it rhumba? It was “CRY TO ME”, you know from the scene in Dirty Dancing where Baby loses it to Johnny. Let me jog your memory. Anyway, that was supposed to be our first song – but come the big day, we got too nervous and also realised that my Vera Wang train might rip. Last minute we opted for Wild Horses by the Stones. A sexy and easy song where all you have to do is hold tight, bend back and sway. 

I recall those dance lessons fondly and it was a great way to laugh and hold each other. 

At the end of the class, Brandon and Lindsay are asked to go home and touch each other all over. I’ve decided I’m going to surprise my husband by playing CRY TO ME this week – and grabbing him for a late night dance in our living room.